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Neurology (Migraine/Headache)

Project Rationale

The project is being undertaken to:


  • Improve the clinical management of adult patients diagnosed with a primary headache disorder
  • Improve adult patients access to specialist care by the provision of additional nursing support.
  • This project aimed at supporting the care of new patients referred to the headache centre, for consultation with the Neurology team, may also include a therapy review service for existing patients
  • To work with the NHS Neurology departments, to achieve enhanced patient care and improved use of NHS resources.
  • In NHS centres where existing headache service is not available or is limited, this project will aid the initiation/improvement of a headache service for patients requiring specialist care.
This Secondary Care collaborative working project consists of the provision of Nursing resource, provided by National Services for Health Improvement (NSHI), to provide support to the Headache Clinics and patients to meet the following objectives:


  • Improve patient access to headache services
  • Facilitate therapy reviews
  • Improve patient satisfaction of the healthcare service and deliver better care by offering appropriate treatment within a suitable time frame
  • Improve efficiency of the Headache Service and mitigate capacity, waiting lists and failure to meet patient review targets
  • Implement and embed appropriate local, national and NICE guidelines for the treatment of Chronic Primary Headaches
  • Improve the use of NHS resources
  • Enhance sponsors relationship with the NHS

We are on a mission to deliver improved patient outcomes through knowledge, optimal service design and consistent implementation.