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5.4 million people are currently diagnosed with asthma in the UK
Every 10 seconds someone has an asthma attack

5.4 million people are currently diagnosed with asthma in the UK. More people have a diagnosis of asthma than all other lung diseases combined.

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate an increase of more than 33% in the number of deaths from asthma attacks over the last decade, yet plentiful evidence shows that around 75% of these deaths could have been prevented with simple improvements in clinical practice: recognition of severity and risk status, better use of corticosteroids, increased patient education, and improved routine management and follow-up.

Evidence based computer-guided consultation

Our Asthma software incorporates embedded algorithms based on BTS/SIGN standards, to prompt and guide clinicians throughout a comprehensive consultation, aiding diagnosis and management (our drugs library is updated quarterly, and guidelines updated within 3 months of publication).

Dr Biswajit Chakrabarti, Consultant Respiratory Physician

Software Features

Drive local prescribing policy by flagging patients who are not on locality recommended drugs

Delivers Implementation of BTS/SIGN guidelines for Asthma

Hosted within the NHS HSCN Secure System

Generates a consultation summary which can be given to the patient


Our intelligent software assists clinicians at any level to make an accurate diagnosis.


Following diagnosis, our software provides pointers to bespoke treatment interventions based on BTS / SIGN recommendations. It emphasizes not just which therapy but also how it is used and creates a personal written management plan and a written report that the patient can take away. Importantly, if there are clinical issues raised that might increase future risks, the software nudges the clinician to consider referral to a more experienced person (a nurse specialist, the GP or a specialist physician as appropriate) in line with the National Report on Asthma Deaths (NRAD) report.

All data are recorded and with the help of our unique algorithms, appropriate reminder prompts are repeated at follow-up consultations, removing the need to continuously refer to guidelines.

“Very easy to use and ensures you get a good history, which aids an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.”

— Practice Nurse, NHS Bedfordshire

LungHealth’s software can be used remotely to support telephone or video consultations.


Our software is linked directly to the GP clinical system, allowing previous consultations and diagnostic processes to be reviewed and any outstanding actions followed-up.