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Understanding health inequality: the problem with clinical guidelines

  • A healthcare professional working in general practice is bombarded with an increasing number of complex clinical guidelines from multiple specialities (Eriksson et al Scientometrics 2020)


Embedding clinical guidelines within an intelligent clinical decision support system: creation of a guided consultation
A complete digital Ecosystem for chronic disease management
  • Allows any HCP involved in the patient care visibility of the patient’s LH record
  • Provide real time patient reporting and practice dashboards
  • Benchmarks against own PCO/National level
  • Signposts referrals in line with locality resources
  • Signposts patients for further investigation
  • Read/Write back integration  with GP clinical system
  • Drive prescribing policy and ensure patient follow-up
  • Reduce healthcare costs (economic modelling)
  • Remote capability
  • GP Computer systems are updated with relevant information i.e. QoF, using processes relevant to the given system
The new ‘model of care’ for chronic disease management

In addition to LungHealth COPD, LungHealth Asthma and SleepHealth, the new model of care presents future development opportunities:

  • Diabetes?
  • Arthritis (and other chronic pain disorders)?
  • Coronary Heart Disease?
  • Epilepsy?
  • Co-Morbidities?
  • Headache/Migraine?