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NSHI worked in collaboration with BLMK CCG, in support of the National Immunisation Project, to deliver the following objectives:

  • Support BLMK with the backlog of scheduled immunisations, by supplementing service provision and reducing the locality’s waiting list.
  • Additional nursing resource provided to undertake the delivery required vaccinations included within the NIP.
  • The nurses deployed in a number of clinical locations, including GP practices identified as having a high number of patients requiring their vaccinations.
  • BLMK CCG identified their childhood immunisation programme as being a priority, but other patients requiring a vaccination contained within the NIP* were included within the immunisation clinics delivered by NSHI.
  • * Covid-19 vaccinations are not included within the NIP
  • 75 of 98 practices supported by NSHI Nurse Resource across BLMK – on a targeted basis with ‘need’ identified by Childhood Immunisation Service (CHIS)
  • Delivered 4,268 immunisations to 2,529 patients
  • 90% of all immunisations were delivered to patients between 0 – 17 years (the vast majority of which were in the target group for MMR and pre-school boosters

Service Evaluation

Data provided by Childhood Immunisation Service (CHIS) demonstrates that provision of additional resource in a very targeted basis, significantly reduces the number of children who are late/overdue their childhood immunisations.