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Guided Consultation

Innovative & credible technology guiding healthcare professionals

LungHealth are on a mission to ensure accurate diagnosis of asthma and COPD patients and to improve healthcare delivery by providing guided consultations through innovative and proven software solutions.

Respiratory diseases are amongst the greatest causes of death, often mis-diagnosed or not treated in line with guidelines.

Through our unique and unprecedented computer guided consultation software, intelligently designed to facilitate evidence-based disease management guidelines including NICE/GOLD/BTS/SIGN, we aim to set a paradigm for the right diagnosis and management of patients with respiratory diseases.

Our software enables clinicians to consistently review, accurately diagnose and tailor treatment to individual patient needs.

By getting it right the first time, our solutions help improve patient care, optimise healthcare delivery and reduce the financial burden on the NHS.

Around 25% of people on COPD registers may have an incorrect diagnosis.

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Lung Health Ltd was founded by a group of Senior Consultant Respiratory Physicians (Dr. Lisa Davies, Dr. Rob Angus and Professor Mike Pearson) along with Mr. Eddie McKnight who has extensive experience in the design and delivery of respiratory services in both the primary and secondary care environment.

Our clinical and service design experience in treating respiratory diseases means that we are all too familiar with the impact that asthma and COPD can have on patients’ lives, particularly if they do not receive the appropriate care,  This has been recognised in the recent NHS Long term Plan where respiratory conditions are a particular focus for all PCOs.

Our journey at LungHealth began by the creation of a unique Clinical Decision Support System thus allowing all patients with a diagnosis of COPD to be reviewed consistently to confirm diagnosis and then tailor treatments based on their severity.

We have subsequently developed management solutions for patients with asthma and sleep disorders, as we recognise that the product solution has utility across most of medicine.